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Match patterns to collect “Swishes” in this quick thinking game for kids 5 years and above more


ThinkFun Swish Junior Pattern Matching Puzzle Game combines a quick thinking game with a pattern matching toy for hours of enjoyment! A kids version of the adult focused game Swish by ThinkFun, Swish Junior is a puzzle game that will keep kids (and maybe their parents too!) on their toes as they compete to collect Swishes!

To play, lay out 12 Swish cards in a square on a table or other surface. Two or more players study the cards to find Swishes - sets of two or more cards that stack up so that the patterns on them are completely filled - before yelling out “Swish!” and collecting the cards that stack up. To form a Swish, cards may be rotated and flipped as long as the patterns they hold are completely filled when stacked! Following a successful Swish, the removed cards are replaced by others and the game proceeds. The player who has collected the most cards at the end is the winner! Swish Junior comes supplied with 42 cards that can be used to play and a Game-Go bag to store them.

Swish Junior received the Silver Award at the 2012 National Parenting Publication Awards. One of the most popular items from American toy manufacturer ThinkFun, Swish Junior is great for developing spatial visualisation skills and pattern matching capabilities in toddlers.

Additional Information
Number of Players 2 or more players
Designed In USA
Learning Value Analytical Thinking, Pattern Matching, Quick Thinking
Play Type Puzzles
EAN 019275015114

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