Thinkfun-Visual Brainstorms -Picture Fun Puzzle Game-for the age 8 and up
Thinkfun-Visual Brainstorms -Picture Fun Puzzle Game-for the age 8 and up

Thinkfun-Visual Brainstorms -Picture Fun Puzzle Game-for the age 8 and up

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More Than 100 Ways to Stump Your Brain.
Parent’s choice silver Honor Award.
Bonus questions on every brainteaser card offer a fun mental workout.

Thinkfun Visual Brainstorms Picture Fun Puzzle Game is an excellent analytical thinking toy that builds your child's skills through colourful and fun visual cues! Unique among the many available visual thinking toys, Thinkfun Visible Brainstorms hones cognitive development, higher order thinking, and reasoning skills. This near-addictive kids puzzle game will have your child's mind wrangling with clues for hours on end. Good for both boys and girls, Thinkfun Visual Brainstorms is suited for kids between 8 and 12 years of age.To play Visual Brainstorms, pick out a card from a pack of 100 challenges and study the clue on it. Solve the clue and turn the card over for the answer! If you found the clue easy, cards have a bonus clue on the back to tickle your brain even further. Solving the clues and the bonuses will need your child to be observant, think critically, and be mindful and in focus. Clues range from simple visual puzzles, to combinations of cryptic word clues and logic problems to encoded messages. A great game to play alone or with friends, Thinkfun Visual Brainstorms is sure to be a hit with curious children.Thinkfun Visual Brainstorms is possibly the most versatile puzzle game available today, serving as an analytical thinking toy, cognitive development toy, and visual thinking toy all in one. If you're looking to give your child an edge in cognitive development, pick up Thinkfun Visual Brainstorms today!

Age: 8 and up
Designed in: USA
Country of origin: China
Number of players: Multi-Player
Brand: Thinkfun
Learning values: analytical-thinking,logic-thinking, problem-solving

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