Thinkfun-Houdini Escape Artist Kids Puzzle Game-For the age 8 and up
Thinkfun-Houdini Escape Artist Kids Puzzle Game-For the age 8 and up

Thinkfun-Houdini Escape Artist Kids Puzzle Game-For the age 8 and up

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The world's first 40-challenge escape puzzle.
In each disentanglement puzzle, secure Houdini with ropes, lock and rings and set him free without undoing the clasps.
Leveled challenges make it a perfect brainteaser for both beginners and serious puzzlers.

Houdini - Thinkfun - Escape Artist Kids Puzzle Game pits your wits against the challenges faced by the master escape artist! Are you good enough to escape? Or will you be trapped and tied? This incredibly creative and addictively fun reasoning skills toy has your child tie up or trap a Houdini figure and then get him out! They'll need imagination, creativity and reasoning skills to do that but perhaps they can rise to the challenge! A great cognitive development toy for kids aged 8 and above, Thinkfun Houdini is good for boys and girls and is designed for a single player. This one will have you holding your breath as Houdini (or his figurine at least) defies death!Thinkfun Houdini comes supplied with 40 challenges of varying difficulty, 2 ropes, a lock with two rings, a Houdini figurine, a trap cage, and a travel bag. To play, lock up Houdini according to the challenge card and then use your escape master logic to get him out of there! Online resources for this puzzle game include videos on how to set up the various challenges and solution videos too. A highly decorated toy for its creativity and value in developing reasoning skills and logical abilities, Thinkfun Houdini won the Puzzle of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine and the Travel Fun Award in the Puzzle Games and Travel Toys Category.

Age: 8 and up
Designed in: USA
Country of origin: China
Number of players: Single Player
Brand: Thinkfun
Learning values: analytical-thinking, logic-thinking, problem-solving.

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