EDISON Educational Robot - 5+
EDISON Educational Robot - 5+
EDISON Educational Robot - 5+
EDISON Educational Robot - 5+
EDISON Educational Robot - 5+

EDISON Educational Robot - 5+

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Edison is a robot to learn and invent, a smart car that you can see and hear thanks to the different sensors you have installed.

Detects and dodges obstacles, begins to move with the sound of a pat, tracks lines along your path, detects light and communicates with other EDISON robots.

You can choose between playing with remote control and pre-loaded programs or creating your own programs. A single toy with endless possibilities.

Grow with EDISON! There is teaching content for children from 4 to 16 years old. The possibilities progress at the same time as the child does, thanks to the different levels of language offered for programming (block based, Python or hybrid language).

Meet the Edison robot Super affordable to learn and invent. Easy to program and has pre-defined programmes that are activated through top of a bar code. Edison is programme using Edware. A icon-based Graphical Programming Language. The programs are downloaded to Edison with the cable edcomm. The edcomm cable plugs into the headphone jack of the computer and carries an Audio signal of impulses to a high efficiency LED. The LED light impulses in converts the audio signal that is received by the line tracker Edison other modes of operation and charging the programme in the processor. Sensors and inputs detection of obstacles using infrared: 2 IR LEDs (front left and right) and IR receiver module (Double as infrared receiver) IR receiver module IR (38kHz) Edison can learn codes of the majority of standard remotes of TV/DVD Infrared data communication: IR receiver module (Double as sensor detection of obstacles and the remote receiver IR) line Persecutor: LED Red and the other modes of operation (Double as bar code reader and the port of programming) Light Sensors: 2 phototransistor front (left and right) sound sensor: Piezo transducer (works as probe) outputs drive differential drive system: Infrared data communication: 2 Infrared LEDs (Double as sensor detection of obstacles).

Age: 5 Years
Designed in: Australia
Country of origin: China
Number of players: Single-Player
Brand: Edison
Learning values: Robotics, Analytical Thinking, Science

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