Thinkfun-Daily Puzzle Date Fun Toy-for the age 8 and up
Thinkfun-Daily Puzzle Date Fun Toy-for the age 8 and up

Thinkfun-Daily Puzzle Date Fun Toy-for the age 8 and up

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10 Puzzle tiles create today's date.
A new puzzle each day - 365 puzzles in one.
Works year after year.
Includes one puzzle tray and ten 2-sided puzzle pieces.

Daily Puzzle Thinkfun Date Fun Toy brings you new challenges all year round! This problem-solving toy needs a new solution every day, keeping your mind sharp and your wits at end as you try to win. This kids puzzle game needs your child to arrange the puzzle pieces in a manner so as to show the day and month and will bring your child house if fun for many days to come. Designed for a single player, Thinkfun Daily Puzzle is a good cognitive development toy for boys and girls, and is also a great way for adults to keep their brain healthy and fit!To play Thinkfun Daily Puzzle, lay out the 10 supplied game tiles (4 for days and 6 for months). The objective is to stack the day and month tiles so as to obtain the date. Flip, rotate, and stack as you please until you have the solution! Every day is different, and so is the solution to every puzzle! If you need help, the supplied instruction booklet provides handy tips as well as complete solutions for each month and day!Pick up a set of Thinkfun Daily Puzzle to keep your child's brain buzzing, or get one for yourself to warm your mind up before a challenging day! You have, after all, a whole year to enjoy it!

Age: 8 and up
Designed in: USA
Country of origin: China
Number of players: Single-Player
Brand: Thinkfun
Learning values: analytical-thinking, problem-solving.

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