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Save the fishermen lost at sea using your division skills. Have fun in the surprise filled chase game. Perfect for boys and girls 10 years and up or grade 5 and higher as they get introduced to division. more


Stranded in a strange island, 4 fishermen are wanting to go back home. But wait! There is only one way. They need to catch the fish and distribute equally among the villagers of the island.

How to Play: Before starting the game , each player will draw one card from the stack of fishing cards. the one who picks the highest number will beome the first player. the number on the card is the number of fishes the player has to catch. Now the player has to divide the fishes equaly among The villagers. the number on the island shows the number of people living thier.  the player who reaches the home island first is the winner.

When you open the Box, You will find…..

  • 1 Game Board
  • 4 Fsher Pawns
  • 36 Fishing cards
  • 50 Fish pieces
  • 4 Logic slates
  • 4 Water colour pens
  • 1 Wipe cloth
  • 1 Rule book
About Product Box
Dimension L*W*H=34*5*-23 CMS
Weight 400 Grams
Additional Information
Age 10 and Up
Number of Players 2-4 Players
Learning Value Kids master advanced division skills starting with division of 2 digits numbers with remainders. Math Skills: Division with 1-digit numbers, Division with/without remainders, Division as repeated subtraction. Life Skills: Developing patience, Flexibility, Sense of community, Problem solving skills, Strategic Planning.
EAN 8908007719142

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