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Does this sound familiar? You’re on a family road trip and the kids are getting bored. And who can blame them? They’re too excitable to care about how beautiful the landscape is after a while, and then, a car isn’t any roomy! Or perhaps, you’re on a picnic and are clueless about what your kids can do after getting there. Or maybe you’re on holiday at a small beach somewhere and you’re looking for some family fun that’s beyond the sand, sun and waves? What can you do to bring the fun back into the trip? Look no further than the great range of travel-friendly toys brought to you by Full of Toys! Pick up a few from these and make some vacation memories that will shine!

Card games are great when travelling, but try out one with a twist! Pack a set of Visual Brainstorms from Thinkfun for your next trip and add some fun and learning to your kids’ vacation! With 100 cards that have everything from visual puzzles to trivia, you can be sure that your holiday won’t have a single boring moment!

Looking for something your family can get together and have fun with? Try Rapid Reflex from Fat Brain Toys! This card game needs your reflexes to be agile and your mind to be sharp, as you race to collect as many cards as you can in response to action cues. But don’t get too excited! If you grab the wrong card by mistake, you could lose your lead! Take along a set of Rapid Reflex and keep the fun and laughter in tow on your next trip!

Yet another game that befits this category of toys is Rory’s Story Cubes. This game tests your creativity and imagination with a set of nine cubes, each of which features an icon on its every side. The nine cubes are rolled and the player is required to weave a story using the icons falling face-up. The best part is, Rory’s Story Cubes are available in various themes. The rule of thumb is that every story starts with: “Once upon a time....”

You’d remember playing the Fifteen Puzzle from your own childhood in some form or the other. The game is simple, pick a challenge and slide the number tiles all over until you match the challenge! Reborn in a classic new look from the Thinkfun toy company, the Fifteen Puzzle will keep you and your kids going whether you’re on a flight, bus, train, or in the car! 

Or perhaps you’re looking for a game that’s fun, competitive, and a brain teaser! In that case, try out Word A Round, a vocabulary and quick thinking game from Thinkfun! With 100 cards that have words printed in concentric circles, players need to be at the top of their game to identify the words on the cards! A great game to play in a group, families will have a lot of fun with this on their travel itinerary!

So go ahead and let Full of Toys help you liven up your next trip! With all the fun you’ll have on the road and at your destination, you’ll be rushing back to thank us.