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Your memories from school are probably amongst the most cherished ones of your life. Carefree and joyful, you probably tumbled from cricket matches to sleepovers, laughing with your friends and experiencing childhood to the fullest. If only your classroom experiences could be the same! How many times would you daydream as your teacher droned on about a seemingly meaningless concept? Or how often did you endure tuitions at home that ate into your playtime but gave you little learning in exchange? Wouldn’t it be great if you could change things for your children, bringing to them the experience of learning while also making it fun and meaningful? If you’re a parent looking to make a difference to your child’s early cognitive development at home or a primary school teacher trying to bring some fun into your classroom, try out some of these superb educational toys brought to you by Full of Toys, and watch your kids get nurtured with a mix of fun and learning!

As a kid, did you dread learning math and multiplication? Or did tables make you break out in yawns? Teach your kids multiplication the fun way, with a fast-paced kids’ math game from the house of Thinkfun! Roll the dice and multiply the numbers as fast as you can, or risk getting eliminated! Great for learning multiplication without the boring rote memorization, Math Dice Chase is sure to be a favourite!

Do you remember doing word meanings in school? Where your teacher would give you a list of words to memorize before a test? Did you ever think, ‘couldn’t there have been a better way?’ Well, now there is! With Pathwords, a vocabulary builder from the leading American toy brand Thinkfun, your kid’s mind could soon be brimming with new words they’ve discovered hidden, in the game cards! Goodbye boring word memorisation, hello fun!

Were you a geography buff? Did you enjoy memorizing the names of countries’ capitals, their presidents, or what their flags looked like? Chances are that even if you were, your boring textbooks would have left a bad taste in your mouth! Change the game with Countries Quantum Cards from Brainsmith, the exciting Indian toy start-up that’s taking the learning world by storm! With fun facts about dozens of countries around the world, your child will be hooked on to geography in no time!

Do you remember when the moon landings were? Or when the renaissance began? No? Gift your child a history game and make facts stick for life with Brainbox World History from the Green Board Game Company! With 70 game cards holding facts and trivia about major events in the history of the world, your child could very soon be challenging you on the great events that shaped the world!

Did you find compositions boring? Was story writing never your forte? Or did a crabby English teacher send the writer in you packing? Boost your child’s creativity with Rory’s Story Cubes from The Creativity Hub, a renowned American toy brand! Throw the nine cubes and look at the pictures that turn up. Spin a story connecting these pictures and let your creativity loose! You may very well have the next great fantasy writer in your house or classroom!

So go ahead and gift your child a toy that will enliven learning experiences in math, English, History and Geography! There are no limits to fun they can have and the learning they can absorb! After all, their childhood is when they’re at their peak of learning and grasping.

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