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Some of our fondest childhood memories are built around our playthings: a doll perhaps, or a toy car, a doctor set, or maybe even some old clock we imagined would take us back in time! Our toys took us through our childhood, and keep us young in our adulthood; after all, they were our best friends at some point of time!

So why not give your child a memory that will be cherished for years, by gifting a special toy or game? Who knows, that might even inspire a career path! And fifty years on, the child-turned-adult could be looking back at childhood with glee, thanks to the gift from you. Go ahead and make some memories with the latest collection of toys across a variety of brands and skill sets, brought to you by Full of Toys!

Think of it this way. How did you decide to become what you are today? Did a childhood fascination take you down your present road? Did you get fascinated by knowing how things work, did you create things with your hands, or solved problems with your thinking and imagination? Then gift your child Snap Circuits Junior, an electronics set from American toy manufacturer Elenco! With simple Do-it-Yourself projects ranging from switches and circuits all the way to alarms and logic gates, you can be certain that Elenco Snap Circuits Junior is one toy your child won’t forget in a hurry!

Or did you have a fertile imagination, creating vivid scenarios out of nothing and exploring them for hours on end? Are periods of your childhood filled with imaginary friends and scenes, where you played for hours and cared nothing for passage of time? If that’s what you did, take home a set of Lego Beachside Vacation and watch your little one go at it to build, dream and play for hours with a classic kids’ toy whose appeal has spanned generations! Ah, did you have a Lego set when you were a child?

Perhaps you remember a recreation night with your family, when you sat around the table playing your favourite games with your parents and siblings! Maybe there were word games, or picture games, or games where you had to make weird noises or perform funny actions! Did you rule the board and take home the prize? Gift your child the memories you cherish with Swish Junior, an all-new family game from Thinkfun. And watch hours go by as you make some memories that will go the distance!

Or maybe you had a head for facts and trivia! Was yours the sharpest of all minds? Did you have a friendly rivalry with a sibling about who knew the most? Do you look back at those times with nostalgia, recalling the wins, losses, arguments and laughter that went with all the learning? Delve into the wonderful world of the BrainBox series from the Green Board Game Company, where your child will learn about everything from dinosaurs to letters, while sharpening her head to beat her friends in the game of knowledge!

Receiving a gift can be one of childhood’s happiest experiences; and the memories of a gift can last forever! So go ahead and grab your child a gift to cherish and learn from, for the many years to come.

  • Aug 24, 2017
  • Category: Gifting
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