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A construction toy for girls of ages 6+ that introduces animation principles! more


GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine Girl's Engineering Construction Toy introduces the concepts of animation to young girls! Continuing the GoldiBlox line of engineering toys for girls, GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine sees Goldie team up with friends Li and Valentina as they build a zoetrope, a simple animation device. A construction toy + storybook, this set will give your child hours of enjoyment as they create their own animations and illustrations. Great for girls aged 6 and up, GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine come with an iOS app to enhance the playing experience! This toy for little engineers comes with a host of new pieces that are compatible with other toy sets in the GoldieBlox universe. GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine goes a long way in shattering traditional stereotypes among toys for girls.

GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine includes 1 storybook, 1 character figurine, 4 movie packs, 1 movie hoop, 1 movie reel, 2 mini pegboards, 2 long axles, 4 short axles, 2 mini axles, 4 pegs, 2 big wheel ends, 4 small wheel ends, 1 small wheel hub, 8 star stoppers, 4 elbow joints, 1 crank, 1 noodle belt, and 1 star coupler. In addition to learning about animation, kids enhance their spatial skills, reading skills, confidence in solving problems, and get a chance to practice drawing and illustration. A set of instructions is included to help your kids make their blockbusters easily! The iOS app was voted one of the best iPad apps of 2014, and is integrated with the Apple watch.

A great gift toy for little girls with a flair for drawing, illustration, or animated cartoons, GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine might just help inspire the next big filmmaker!

Additional Information
Number of Players 1+
Designed In USA
Learning Value Engineering, Imagination
Play Type Buiding and Construction
EAN 029882883990

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