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Full of Toys is a Bangalore based company that sells toys that help children play while they learn and parents learn how to play. We want to create a world where the magic of childhood can be re-created by parents playing with their children using toys that spark their imagination and help them learn skills as they enjoy the most precious gift their parents can give them — time.

This toy thrills children as they see the world in different colours using an object beyond the huma..
Children witness how parts of a whole can come together to get things in motion. They stack up the g..
Children begin to understand patterns when they notice that some objects are arranged to visually ap..
Children's understanding of colours begins with the knowledge that it is a distinct property that ob..
The first step towards beginning the counting journey is to associate names with number symbols. ..
Twist and turn to get the flowers up and down the stem. This toy gives a clear understanding of spac..
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