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Full of Toys is a Bangalore based company that sells toys that help children play while they learn and parents learn how to play. We want to create a world where the magic of childhood can be re-created by parents playing with their children using toys that spark their imagination and help them learn skills as they enjoy the most precious gift their parents can give them — time.

Roll the die and see who’s turn it is to perform- the monkey, the lion, hippo or the elphant? Pick a..
The Charades Game for Kids! Kids On Stage is easy to learn and fun to play. It's the perfect first g..
Depending on how you swivel its red hood over the yellow body, My Little Buggy can either become a p..
Tomy Pic And Pop Pick and Pop push-along pops out ballfulls of fun! This fun push-along toy has f..
Extremely Stylish and Portable If you are looking for a table fan that is compact and delivers gr..
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