Jack In the Box - Color Matching Game - Age 3+
Jack In the Box - Color Matching Game - Age 3+

Jack In the Box - Color Matching Game - Age 3+

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A brightly colored matching dice game with bouncing Jack in the Box.
A fun and easy game to learn color matching, color recognition, and sequencing.

The multi-colored Jack brothers love clowning around and jumping out of boxes to surprise their friends. But they seem to have lost their bounce. Help the Jacks connect to their colorful springs so they can go back to crazily popping out of boxes. Each player takes a box. Roll the color die & add the corresponding spring to your box. You can’t add more than 2 springs of the same color. Roll a Jack and your Jack in the Box is complete. Be the 1st to build the tallest Jack in the Box. Or draw a card and roll the dice to add springs in the same order as on your card. Contains 4 cardboard Jacks,4 cardboard start boxes,40 cardboard colored springs, 4 sequencing cards, 1 color wooden dice.

Age:3 and up
Designed in: India
Country of origin: India
Number of players: Multi-Player
Brand: Chalk & Chuckles
Learning values: sequential-logic, matching, color-recognition

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