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The Game Comprises of well Known classic fairy story tales divided into 5 steps. more



Let the child pick out a particular fairy tale from the picture card. Now tell him/her to place the card in the correct sequence from left to right and explain what happened first, what happened next and so on.

Helps the child to reason and think logically by placing the picture card in the order of events. The child understands the need and uses of order in everyday life.


  • 20 Picture Cards ( 4 fairy tales * 5 steps) 
  • story Discription
About Product Box
Dimension L * W * H = 25 *4 * 10.5 Cms
Weight 400 grams
Additional Information
Age 3- 5 years
Designed In India
Learning Value Develops Skill: Logical Thinking, Story Sequencing.
EAN 8906070730125

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