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Choose a spelling picture word card. Place the letter tiles in the correct sequence. Study the word again and close the doors. Write out the word on the whiteboard from memory. To check whether the spelt word is correct, lift the doors and match the letter tiles to the handwritten word.

  • An interactive learning tray for learning spellings in a multi-sensory way.
  • Includes a range of ideas to develop spelling skills.
  • Includes a motivation builder. Number of words you learn = Cat food. Grab tasty cat food and feed the cat.
  • Letter tiles inlcude both upper & lower case letters.


  • 1 Spelling tray with attached whiteboard
  • 1 Wipe erase marker
  • 70 Alphabet tiles
  • 90 Picture word cards
  • 10 Blank cards
  • Feed the cat board with 20 food tokens
About Product Box
Dimension L* W* H= 33 x 6.4 x 17.4 cm
Weight 950 Grams
Additional Information
Age 4- 8 years
Number of Players 1 PLAYER
Designed In India
Learning Value SKILLS: Practice letter & word recognition Builds spellings and writing skills Develops Vocabulary
EAN 8906045560061

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