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There is danger in the deep… The small little Fish friends enjoy swimming in the sea. But danger lurks in the deep waters. The Shark is just waiting to pounce on the Fish and gobble them up! Can the little Fish friends save themselves from the hungry Shark? more


See how fast you are.  Roll the die to know which numbered fish the Shark must try to catch. All fish have to watch out. Only the rolled number fish may swim to safety! Dont be too cautious or you may lose. The first to collect 5 tokens is the winner.

Game 1: Shark Attack

  • One player becomes the Shark by wearing the glove
  • The other players become the Fish by holding separate ones by the strings
  • The Shark calls out a number and rolls the die
  • The Shark tries to grab the Fish with the number called
  • The Fish has to pull away to save itself from the Shark
  • If the Shark grabs the Fish, then the Fish gives the Shark a token
  • The person with the most tokens is the winner

Game 2: Beware of the Shark

  • One player becomes the Shark by wearing the shark glove.
  • The other players become the Fish by holding separate ones by the strings.
  • The Shark calls out an attack number and rolls the die.
  • If the dice shows the attack number, the Shark leaps to grab any fish it can.
  • All fish must try to pull away to save themselves from the fish. Who will be quicker? The Shark or the Fish?

Look inside for more game variations

Best played: On any flat surface or even boring train journeys!


  • 2 wooden number dice
  • 4 wooden Fish with cords
  • 1 Shark glove
  • 42 Fish cardboard tokens
  • 1 sea board
  • Instructions
About Product Box
Dimension L*W*H= 22.4*64*22.4 Cms
Weight 400 Grams
Additional Information
Age 4 and Up
Number of Players 2-5 Players
Designed In India
Learning Value SKILLS: Builds attention and focus, Develops Executive Function skills, Promotes quick thinking and action A fun-filled game that hones the reflexes. Develops attention & focus, response Inhibition, remembering different rules, quick thinking & action Create numerous variations to this exciting game of reflexes by making your own set of rules before each play A great game for the children & adults alike. An attractive shark glove with cute little wooden fish
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