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Block Play

Building blocks or toy blocks are solid blocks in different shapes, simple, coloured or interlocking, used by toddlers and young kids alike to play construction games. Blocks are great learning tools and playing with blocks help in the overall development of a child.Kids are fascinated by block toys.The higher the tower holds, the more accomplished they feel.


Five benefits of Building Block Toys :


  •       Develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination:Toy blocks are great for children as they enhance the dexterity of hand movement along with precise hand-eye coordination.Assembling building blocks requires light pressure for assembly.This ability to control pressure is a precursor to colouring and writing making it a great exercise for their little hands.


  • Strengthens spatial reasoning and increases cognitive flexibility:Building blocks help in their spatial intelligence development.Their representation of visual images increases and helps them design meaningful structures.This image retrieving ability enhances intelligence and overall development.Playing with blocks improves kid’s cognitive flexibility, and ability to concentrate in the different activities of school, studies or games.


  • Builds language skills:Blocks can be played individually or in groups, they are used as playful educational tools in pre schools, especially in teaching a child second language alphabets, numbers or words.Stress Free Block play relaxes kids and help them connect and communicate with other kids of their age, teachers and parents.Many joyful and meaningful connections can be made over the building of a few block towers.


  •       Encourages creative, divergent thinking in kids:Playing with different size, shapes and colour blocks encourages children to use their imagination and expand their thinking capabilities.They can weave imaginary stories around their blocks, place the blocks in any manner they like.  


  • Enhances and engineering skills: Blocks are individual pieces which can be stacked and re-stacked in countless ways to form different structures of different shapes and sizes.This allows children to form spatial thinking skills and develops an ability to think about how objects look in space.These skills have a direct correlation to the STEM skills of children.


Blocks can be played solo or in groups, these pieces can be combined and re-combined in limitless ways for indefinite amount of time. With the many advantages they offer, Blocks are a must buy for any parent’s toy list.