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8 year olds match the coloured balls to their slots in this problem solving toy that will leave their heads spinning! more


ThinkFun Back Spin Colour Matching Ball Puzzle is a revolutionary new cognitive development toy from ThinkFun, one of the best American toy manufacturers. A great toy for building analytical thinking capabilities and higher order thinking skills, Back Spin is good for boys and girls of ages 8 and up. Meant for a single player, Back Spin will have your child's brain turning as they try to beat this addictive kids puzzle game!

Back Spin is a hand held puzzle made of two plastic halves that contain 35 coloured balls and their corresponding slots. Turn the halves to transfer the balls from one half to the other. To play, first scramble the coloured balls out of their correct colour slots, itself a challenge in coordination that needs good motor skills and focus! Once the balls are scrambled, turn the halves to transfer the balls back into their correct slots one at a time until the slots on both halves have the right coloured balls! Although this may sound simple, this is one of the most devilish puzzle games available and may leave your head spinning as you try to solve it!

A great analytical thinking toy that hones reasoning and higher order thinking skills, Back Spin is a recipient of the Oppenheim Award for Puzzles. Give it a shot to take your thinking skills out for a spin that they won't soon forget!

Additional Information
Number of Players 1+
Designed In USA
Learning Value Analytical Thinking, Cognitive Development, High Order Thinking Skills, Problem Solving, Reasoning Skills
Play Type Puzzles
EAN 019275058005

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