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Teach your child how to tell time with this cool quick thinking toy for ages more


Zingo Time Telling - Thinkfun - Clock Reading Group Game brings the skill of reading time to young children in a fun and friendly manner! This quick thinking game is great for 2 or more players of ages 5 and above, and is good for both boys and girls. The ever-popular Zingo! quick thinking game from American toy manufacturer Thinkfun, now in its latest version, now aids your child in reading time, but also helps them understand analog and digital modes of time display. This reasoning skills toy is a must for kids just learning the ropes of telling time!

Thinkfun Zingo Time Telling comes supplied with a Zingo! Zinger, 32 hour tiles, 32 minute tiles, and 6 double sided Zingo! cards. To play the game, get into a play group and distribute the Zingo cards among the players. These come in two levels, beginner and advanced. Once the cards are distributed, place the Zingo Zinger in the centre of the group and slide it to dispense an hour card and a minute card and match them to the hour and minute spaces on the beginner Zingo card. In advanced Zingo cards, the player must read the time off the image of an analog clock and then place the appropriate Zingo tiles on their card. After every slide of the Zingo Zinger, the next player gets a turn. The first player to complete their card wins! Thinkfun Zingo! Time Telling was a recipient of the Parents' Choice Gold Award for its educational value. Grab a set of Thinkfun Zingo Time Telling for your child today.

Additional Information
Number of Players 2-4 players
Designed In USA
Learning Value Analytical Thinking,Problem Solving,Reasoning Skills,Quick Thinking
Play Type Group Game
EAN 19275077051

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