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An image and word recognition toy with a twist! This group game kids toy is meant for ages 3 and up. more


Thinkfun Zingo Word and Image Matching Game brings a twist to the much-loved game of Bingo! An image and word recognition toy, Zingo will have your child's wits at their sharpest as they race to finish their Zingo card! A good quick thinking toy for boys and girls of ages 3 and up, Zingo is sure to quickly become your child's favourite. An excellent game for young children just learning to read and recognise shapes and patterns.

Thinkfun Zingo comes with a total of 12 game cards (6 at easy level and 6 advanced), and a Zingo Zinger! to dispense the 72 double-sided Zingo tiles. To play, load up the Zingo Zinger! with the tiles and distribute a Zingo game card to each player. Pass the Zinger! around or have a dealer keep it and slide it to release two Zingo game tiles. If a tile matches an image on any player's card, the player calls out the name of the tile and places it on their card. The fastest player to call the name gets the tile, so make sure you're on your feet! The first player to complete their game card calls out Zingo! and wins!

Zingo has received several awards including the Learning Magazine's Teacher's Choice Award and TD Magazine's Top 10 Most Wanted Games award.

Additional Information
Number of Players 2-4 players
Designed In USA
Learning Value Image and word Recognition,Quick Thinking
Play Type Group Game
EAN 19275077006

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