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Bring your child’s tactile play to life with this superbly designed construction toy for ages 6 months and above. more


Tobbles Neo - Fat Brain - Colourful Stacking and Building Game brings together imagination, creativity, tactile games, and fun into a vibrant and beautiful motor skills toy! Watch as your child builds, spins, demolishes and wobbles the weighted spheres of Fat Brain's Neo Tobbles construction toy. Their unique design - spherical pieces with gentle curves at the top - enriches your child's tactile play experiences. Much better than boring old building cubes or blocks! Good for boys and girls of ages 6 months and above, this is an excellent fine motor skills toy for toddlers that is certain to leave a lasting impression!The 6 brightly coloured, weighted, and textured Tobbles spheres fit into one another as your child stacks them. Bring the tower crashing down and watch the pieces wobble and spin! The sky is the limit with your child's creativity and imagination! Helping kids understand how balance and design come together, Tobbles Neo comes with a stacking base upon which to make designs come to life. The gentle curves on the cleft of each sphere make Tobbles Neo a tactile play experience unlike any other.A recipient of Parents' Choice Silver Award and ASTRA's Best Toys for Kids Award, Tobbles Neo is here to stay! Why not bring a set home and get your child's building skills cracking!

Age: 6 months

Additional Information
Number of Players Single Player
Designed In USA
Learning Value Hand Eye Co-Ordination,Motor Skills, Dexterity
Play Type Buiding and Construction
EAN 182129000779

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