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Beat hunger pangs as your child matches food images in this fun group game toy for ages 4 more


Snack Attack - Thinkfun - Yummy Food Picture Matching Toy is great to play before dinner to get your child's appetite roaring! This quick thinking game gets kids to match colourful food pictures as they race to fill their plates up. An excellent group game toy for ages 4 and above, Thinkfun Snack Attack is good for boys and girls and is best played in a group of two to six players, making it a great family game or addition to a party. Sneak a yummy snack and have fun matching the pictures.

Thinkfun Snack Attack comes with s snack spinner and handle to dispense the food discs, 66 food discs with images on both sides, 6 snack plates with images on both sides (one side for beginners and one that is more advanced), and a full set of instructions with a parents' guide. To play, distribute a snack plate to each of the players. Then, mix the food discs up and load them into the spinner. Twist the spinner to dispense food discs, and look for discs that match the images on the snack plate. If you see a match, be quick to call it out, the first player who calls gets to keep the disc. Flip the disc over to reveal a new snack, and place it on your plate. Repeat the whole game until all the discs are over, and the player with the most discs on the plate wins!

Hungry for some fun? Thinkfun Snack Attack is just the game for you and your kids.

Additional Information
Number of Players 2-4 players
Designed In USA
Learning Value Analytical Thinking,Problem Solving,Reasoning Skills,Quick Thinking
Play Type Group Game
EAN 19275079307

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