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Show off your vocabulary with Smart Mouth, a word game toy for ages 8+. This quick thinking game will leave your brain buzzing! more


Thinkfun Smart Mouth Rapid Fire Word Play Group Game sees the battle of words get even faster! A word game toy for boys and girls of ages 8 upwards, Smart Mouth needs kids to think on their feet as they race to form the best word possible. Among the most popular word based quick thinking games available, Thinkfun Smart Mouth is an enjoyable and friendly way to help your child develop their vocabulary and communication skills.Thinkfun Smart Mouth is supplied with a Blue Letter Getter to dispense letter tiles, 36 green letter tiles, 36 yellow letter tiles, a die with word categories on the faces, and a 60 second game timer. To play, kids sit down in a circle so as to see the Letter Getter and the tiles are loaded into it. The die is rolled to determine a category (adjectives, famous people, verbs, natural objects, man made objects, and free play) for all the words in that round. Slide the Letter Getter to reveal a green and yellow tile with alphabets to use to make a word. The first person to call out a word wins the green tile, and the person to construct the best word wins the yellow tile. The game is repeated until all the tiles are exhausted, and the child with the most tiles is declared the winner! The game can easily be adapted for younger players or shorter games, and you may be surprised at how competitive and fun a round of Smart Mouth can get! Thinkfun Smart Mouth was a recipient of the 2002 Canadian Toy Testing Council’s Best Bet Award, selected by children out of a pool of more than 1000 toys. It also received the MENSA Select Award for American toys and Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award.

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