Bino Colour Wooden Toy
This toy thrills children as they see the world in different colours using an object beyond the huma..
Gear Geometry Wooden Toy
Children witness how parts of a whole can come together to get things in motion. They stack up the g..
Jigsaw Tower - 3D Stacking Pieces - Blue
Children begin to understand patterns when they notice that some objects are arranged to visually ap..
Skola Pair and Learn Coloured Beetles Wooden Toy
Children's understanding of colours begins with the knowledge that it is a distinct property that ob..
Skola Sand Paper Numbers Wooden Toy
The first step towards beginning the counting journey is to associate names with number symbols. ..
Twisting Blossoms - Twist and Arrange Wooden Toy
Twist and turn to get the flowers up and down the stem. This toy gives a clear understanding of spac..
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