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Stack pieces to make the right shapes with this bestselling reasoning skills toy. Good puzzle game for ages 8 and up. more


Thinkfun ShapeOmetry Shape Stacking Puzzle will leave your head spinning as you stack the pieces together into various shapes! It is a great higher order thinking skills toy that caters to boys and girls of ages 8 and above. A fun approach to building skills in spatial and quantitative reasoning, this kids puzzle game requires imagination, logic, and creativity to beat the challenges! ShapeOmetry is good for boys and girls aged 8 and up. Although ShapeOmetry can be tackled by single players, kids can also team up to beat the challenges and learn about working in groups to solve puzzles.

To play Thinkfun ShapeOmetry, select a challenge card and pick out the green and blue pieces shown. The challenge is to fit the greens and blues together (without them overlapping) and stack them up so that they align perfectly. Although this sounds easy, the 50 challenges range from simple beginner level challenges to devilishly difficult genius puzzles. The game comes with 20 pieces (10 blue and 10 green), 50 challenge cards with full solutions, a learning guide, and a game-go bag.

Thinkfun Shapeometry is an excellent reasoning skill toy that hones mathematical thinking skills, perseverance, and problem solving skills. Pick up a set for your child today and watch their minds turn as they crack the challenges!

Additional Information
Number of Players Single Player
Designed In USA
Learning Value Analytical Thinking,Cognitive Development,Higher Order Thinking Skills,Problem Solving,Reasoning Skills
Play Type Puzzles
EAN 19275059712

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