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Help your mouse win the world championship using multiplication tables as your weapon. he exciting game play, the characters and the cheese cakes! Kids will fall in love with this game. more


Master multiplication facts in the most yummy way! Be a small mice and win all the cheese you can. With yummylicious twists and friendly challenge, collect tasty cheesy treats for yourself. But wait! Do not forget to say cheeeeeeese!

How to Play:  The first Player will start the game by spinning the pointer. the player will select one number from Two. now the game will be played with the multiplication of the selected number. next, without looking in to the pouch, the player will pull out a coin, look at it, announce its value to other players,and throw it in to the basket, similarly second player will also take a coin from the pouch and annonces its value to the others. the second  player should quickly check if the number is the multiple of the selected number of the first player, if Yes, the Player says “cheeese!’ , recite the multiple fact, and throw it into the basket. and collects the coins in the basket. the player who has more number of coins is the winner.

When you open the Box, You will find…..

  • ​130 Coins
  • 4 Pouches
  • 1 Spinner
  • 1 Basket
  • 1Trash bin
  • 1Rule book
About Product Box
Dimension L*W*H=34*5*23 CMS
Weight 650 GRAMS
Additional Information
Age 6 and Up
Number of Players 2-4 players
Learning Value As they play, children develop fluency in 3 skills starting with multiplication tables. Math Skills: Multiplication Tables from 2 - 10, Identifying factors and multiples of a number, Using divisibility rules to identify a multiple. Life Skills: Developing memory skills, Stress - free learning, Patience, Forward thinking, Speed and alacrity Memory and recall, Cognitive and Developmental Skills
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