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Your child’s first ever active play toy! A fun gross motor skills toy for ages 2 and above. more


Thinkfun Roll and Play Lively Acting Game brings laughter, fun, and learning to you and your toddler! An active play toy for boys and girls of ages 2 and above, Thinkfun Roll and Play will bring you and your child endless enjoyment as they roar like a lion, moo like a cow, count fingers or toes, or make funny faces! An excellent choice of toy for motor skill development, Thinkfun Roll and Play also serves as a first ever image and word recognition toy for very young children.To get the fun started, roll the supplied plush die and pick a card that matches the colour on the die. Then, act out whatever is on the card! Thinkfun Roll and Play cards are specially designed to help toddlers have fun with actions surrounding Counting, Colours, Body Parts, Actions, Emotions, and Animal Sounds. The bright colours and fun actions on the cards are certain to be a hit with your toddler and you! Thinkfun Roll and Play was a finalist at the 2013 Toy of the Year Awards and a recipient of the Silver Award at the 2012 National Parenting Publications Awards. Grab Thinkfun Roll and Play today for an active play toy experience that you and your toddler will cherish forever

Additional Information
Number of Players Multi Player
Designed In USA
Learning Value Motor Skills,Image and word Recognition,Colors,Numbers
Play Type Active Play
EAN 19275018009

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