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Grab all the colours before your opponents to win at Rapid Reflex, a quick thinking toy for ages 6+ more


Rapid Reflex - Fat Brain - Quick Colour Matching Card Game is a game of speed, agility, and fast-paced fun! Be the first to capture cards of all the colours and you win, but get greedy and grab more than one card of the same colour and you could lose everything! It really is a battle against not only your opponents, but also your mind! Rapid Reflex is an excellent visual thinking toy and concentration toy that helps kids develop attention skills, visual recognition, and hand-eye coordination. Good for boys and girls of ages 6 and above, Rapid Reflex is a group game toy for 4 - 6 players and makes a great party game or classroom game.

Rapid Reflex comes with 32 Brilliant Object Reflex Cards and 80 Action Colour Cards. To play, lay out 8 cards with different colours and take turns as the “Reader” to call out an action and object (e.g. Right Hand Banana). The players must then use that particular hand to slap one of the 8 cards that has the colour of a banana. The first player to do so wins the card, and the first player to collect all the colours wins the game! But beware, if you slap a card whose colour you already won, you forfeit the card and the one that you already have! So keep your reflexes in check. This fast-paced, quick thinking game is great for kids and adults as well and can turn your parties or play sessions into rollicking events before you know what's going on! Rapid Reflex received a Parents' Choice Recommended Silver Award in 2012.

Age: 6 years

Additional Information
Number of Players Multi Player
Designed In USA
Learning Value Analytical Thinking,Concentration,Quick Thinking,Problem Solving,Reasoning Skills,Visual Thinking
Play Type Group Game
EAN 182129561065

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