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Get dancing with this outrageously fun motor skill toy! Kids of ages 2+ can enjoy hours of dance and movement action with Move & Groove! more


Thinkfun Move & Groove Acting Dance Active Play Toy will get you and your child off your behinds and onto the dance floor! Groove to a tune, have a playtime workout, or just be plain old silly with this super fun motor skills toy. Designed for toddlers aged 2 and up, both boys and girls can enjoy endless hours of playtime with their parents or elder siblings as they explore the actions the game proposes. As their first ever toy for active play, Thinkfun Move & Groove will get your toddler doing the boogie as you try and keep up! Designed with bright colours and soft materials for very young children, Thinkfun Move & Groove comes with a bright plush die with multi coloured faces, and 48 dance move cards in the categories of Movement, Classics, Let’s Pretend, Body Parts, Silliness, and Workout. To play, roll the plush die and have your child identify the colour that turns up. Then, pick out a card corresponding to that colour and perform the action on the card! This simple, fun game will bring you and your child so much closer as you dance, laugh, and have fun for hours on end. A recipient of the 2014 Toy Insider Top Summer Toys Award and the Parent Choice Silver Honours Award Medal, Thinkfun Move & Groove is a natural choice for a toddler who wants to get grooving

Additional Information
Number of Players Multi Player
Designed In USA
Learning Value Motor Skills,Creativity
Play Type Active Play
EAN 19275018306

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