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Help the cute little monsters to dispatch sock packets using multiplication skills. his kids board game is the best for kids age 8 years and up. The best family board game more


In a beautiful snow - covered valley, there lived cute little monsters. The valley is cold and they all need socks. Help dispatch sock packets for these lovely monsters. The first one to dispatch 6 packets of 10 sock packets would be known as the best worker. 

How to Play:  Before starting the game, each player draw 1 card from the stack of oder cards. The Player who draws the card with Highest number will make first move. after picking up the card the player will face it up next to the stack. this card informs the players the number of socks they need to pack in thier turn. Each player will have 9 batches of socks packet.each batch has exactly 10  sock pockets.  the first worker to pack 6 batches of sock pockets is the winner.

when you open the box, you will find….

  • 9*30 socks pockets
  • 52 order cards
  • 20 plus, minus cards
  • 1 rule book


About Product Box
Dimension L*W*H=34*5*23 Cms
Weight 820 grams
Additional Information
Age 8 and Up
Learning Value As they play, children develop fluency in math skills starting with multiplication as repeated addition. Math Skills: Multiplication as repeated addition, Division as repeated subtraction, Multiplication tables 1-9. Life Skills: Hand - eye coordination,Building Patience, Taking turns,Strategic Planning, Memory development.
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