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  • Easy Play Electronic Banking Unit
  • Age: 8 and up
  • 2-4 Players more


When thinking of board games for kids and adults alike, Monopoly is a choice that often comes quickly to mind. Monopoly is one of the most popular board games available today. It is played in nearly every nation of the world. Though it is considered to be a game for kids, it is thoroughly enjoyed by adults as well. In addition, the traditional Monopoly board has now gone high tech and features an e-bank.

One of the major electronic games for kids, the Monopoly electronic game is not much different from the traditional Monopoly game board. One of the biggest changes is the addition of e-banking. The board has also been improved and updated, which will help children learn new things while giving adults topics for interesting conversations.


Adding the new feature of a rich bank was probably one of the most interesting decisions for Monopoly and board games for kids. This addition brings the game up to modern standards. The bank is highly intelligent and can keep track of transactions perfectly, making your game hassle-free and even more enjoyable. Take the game to a get-together or a family night and see how everyone enjoys it as much as you do.

A complete game for a family, Monopoly Electronic from the house of Funskool games is a delightful option. Due to the fast and accurate banking, the need for multiple tokens has been reduced. You now have credit cards and digital banking services in your hands. This will not only serve the purpose of entertainment but also education. All other features have been kept intact or have been slightly modified so that you can enjoy the original Monopoly board game with the added benefits of the Monopoly electronic game .

Key Features
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Fast and accurate e-bank
  • Interesting and attractive board
  • Credit cards and digital banking
Additional Information
Age 8 and up
Number of Players 2-4 Players
Designed In USA
Learning Value Analytical Thinking,Cognitive Development,Higher Order Thinking Skills,Problem Solving,Reasoning Skills
Play Type Board Game

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