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Simple math meets a learning toy with Math Dice! A great group game toy for 6 year olds and above. more


Thinkfun Math Dice Junior Fun With Math Learning Game is designed to teach, refresh, or reinforce basic math concepts. As an analytical thinking toy and STEM toy, Math Dice Junior requires the use of simple addition and subtraction concepts to win. Good for boys and girls of ages 6 and above, Thinkfun Math Dice Junior can be played in groups of two or more and serves as a quick thinking toy that promotes friendly competition and reasoning skills.

Thinkfun Math Dice Junior comes with several components for hours of fun. These included a 12 sided “target” die, 5 standard dice in different colours, a scoring track (with lengths for short and long games), a game-go bag, game tokens, and an instructions set. To play, roll the target die to obtain a number. Then, roll the 5 standard dice and use the resulting numbers to obtain the target number. Players can use addition and subtraction as they please to obtain the target. Based on how many dice used to make up the target number, the players move their tokens the same number of places towards the finish line. The first player to reach the finish line wins! Thinkfun Math Dice Junior was a nominee for the 2011 Toy of the Year Award.

This group game toy is excellent for kids with a flair for maths and quick thinking and is one of the best educational toys for toddler available today. Grab a set today and get your child's math skills turning!

Additional Information
Number of Players Multi Player
Designed In USA
Learning Value Analytical Thinking,Problem Solving,Quick Thinking,Reasoning Skills,Numbers
Play Type Maths, STEM,Group Game
EAN 19275015152

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