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Prove your's the sharpest at mental math with this quick thinking game! An excellent math game for kids 8+ more


Thinkfun Math Dice Chase Mental Maths Group Game Toy will keep your kids on their feet as they try to out think their friends! A highly acclaimed math game for kids of ages 8 and above, Thinkfun Math Dice Chase is good for both boys and girls with a flair for math and a love for quick thinking games. The game is best played in groups of two or more players and makes for a great family game as well.

The Thinkfun Mathe Dice Chase set comes with four 12-sided dice (2 blue and 2 purple), a game-go bag, and a set of instructions. To play, kids sit in a circle and two players opposite one another receive the blue and purple pairs of dice. The game starts with the players rolling their dice, mentally multiplying the numbers that are turned up on the throw and calling out the result. If the answer is correct, the player passes their dice to the player seated to the left. The player who ends up with both pairs of dice is eliminated, and the last player standing at the end of the round wins!

This fast-paced kids math game is a recipient of the Parents' Choice Silver Award and the Global Educator Institute's Seal of Endorsement and is a great way to hone your child's skills in mental math and multiplication.


Additional Information
Number of Players 4-6 Player
Designed In USA
Learning Value Analytical Thinking,Problem Solving,Quick Thinking,Reasoning Skills,Numbers
Play Type Maths, STEM, Group Game
EAN 19275015053

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