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Fly away with Propellers: the cool engineering toy for ages 7 and up! One of the most enjoyable construction toys available! more


Thinkfun Maker Studio Propellers Plane and Chopper Science Kit lets your child spread their wings and fly into the fascinating world of design and engineering! With the options of building a plane, biplane, helicopter and windmill, Thinkfun Maker Studio  Propellers is a super cool engineering toy for boys and girls of ages 7 and above. Blending a construction toy with a friendly introduction to basic engineering principles, Maker Studio Propellers will have your kids jumping for joy as they build their models and tickle their brains with engineering challenges! This STEM building toy comes supplied with components such as spools, wheels, a cross linkage, hub caps, and a booklet of 10 engineering challenges. A set of step by step instructions will have your child on their way to building their models, and the engineering challenges will help them understand how the real life counterparts of their models help mankind fly! The components can be combined in other ways as well, allowing your child to experiment with their own designs. A recipient of the 2015 Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award in the Educational Builder and Construction Toys Category, Thinkfun Maker Studio  ropellers will set your child off on a course of fun and learning.

Additional Information
Number of Players Single Player
Designed In USA
Learning Value Analytical Thinking,Engineering
Play Type STEM,Buiding and Construction,Science
EAN 19275017033

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