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Pilot the shuttle home or be lost in space with this analytical thinking toy for ages 8+. more


Lunar Landing Thinkfun Space Age Logic Puzzle puts your child in the shoes of a space shuttle pilot as they navigate space with their helper bots. They must get back to the mothership or be lost in space forever! This analytical thinking toy is great for boys and girls of ages 8 and above and has been a best selling kids puzzle game since its first release in 2000.Thinkfun Lunar Landing comes with a game grid, 6 explorer game pieces (1 shuttle + 5 helper bots) and 40 challenges with solutions. The challenges range in difficulty from beginner to expert, catering to both inexperienced and experienced players. To play, move the helper bots from their initial positions on the challenge cards until the space shuttle reaches the mothership's emergency entry port. Moves are complex and require planning well in advance, making Thinkfun Lunar Landing an excellent means of building reasoning skills and analytical thinking

Additional Information
Number of Players Single Player
Designed In USA
Learning Value Analytical Thinking,Cognitive Development,Higher Order Thinking Skills,Problem Solving,Reasoning Skills
Play Type Puzzles, Strategy Game
EAN 19275068028

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