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Got your mind in a twist? You may win at Knot So Fast, a reasoning skills you for ages 8+! more


Thinkfun Speedy Knot Tying Puzzle Game needs you to get knotted up. And fast. A unique analytical thinking toy, Knot So Fast needs players to not only think quick and reason, but also work quickly with their hands to come out on top. A great knot tying puzzle game for kids of ages 8 and above, Knot So Fast is an excellent addition to family gatherings, the classroom, or even casual use at home. Best played in groups of two or more players, you'll have a hard time getting your kids untangled from this one! Thinkfun Knot So Fast comes with 4 ropes, 4 rings, a tug-o-war scorekeeper, a 30 second timer, and 40 challenge cards with difficulties ranging from beginner to expert. To play, select a challenge card from the deck and race the timer to tie the knot on the card! The first player to get it right pulls the tug-o-war scorekeeper to register a point! Great for developing spatial skills and fine motor skills, Thinkfun Knot So fast also trains kids in a fast disappearing but crucially important skill: the art of rope tying!

Additional Information
Number of Players Two Players
Designed In USA
Learning Value Analytical Thinking,Cognitive Development,Higher Order Thinking Skills,Problem Solving,Reasoning Skills
Play Type Puzzles, Strategy Game
EAN 19275070908

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