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Kids aged 6 and up will spend hours of enjoying this musical toy as they compose their own tunes! more


Thinkfun Compose Yourself Fun Musical and Creativity Toy is the perfect introduction to music for your little one! Requiring no instruments or formal training, Thinkfun Compose Yourself brings the best of musical composition (and a full symphony orchestra!) to kids in a single, convenient, fun filled package. A friendly music toy for boys and girls 6 years and older, Thinkfun Compose Yourself could very well turn your child into the next Mozart as they explore the enjoyable world of music. A highly acclaimed creative toy for kids with a flair for music, or even those taking their first steps into the musical world, Thinkfun Compose Yourself is a great way to get your child’s musical journey started.Thinkfun Compose Yourself includes 60 transparent music cards, a composer code card, a travel bag, and a full set of instructions with composing tips. Online tools and resources complete the set and can be accessed at any time. To start creating tunes, arrange 4 (or a multiple thereof) music cards in a row. Enter the codes on each card into the Compose Yourself website and hear your tune come to life! Play with the order of the cards or the types of cards used to change the tune until your masterpiece is ready. The best part? The tunes can be printed out as sheet music, and even downloaded in an MP3 format to share with friends and family! Developed by Maestro composer Philip Sheppard, Thinkfun Compose Yourself received the Toys Bulletin Best of the Year Award in 2015 and BSCKids Bestie Award also in 2015. Grab a set of Compose Yourself today and ignite your child’s musical genius!

Additional Information
Number of Players Single Player
Designed In USA
Learning Value Analytical Thinking,Creativity
Play Type Music
EAN 19275016005

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