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Aliens are in search of magical Cyta flower. Team up with kids to find the flower as you jump through clouds, lightening and beat other aliens in this fun chase game. The spaceships, aliens and the clouds and grass. Kids would want to play this again and again. more


In a galaxy far far away, cute aliens are in search of a special healing flower - Cyta. Join the quest and get ready to grab the flower. Hop and jump through the clouds, watch out the thunder storm and rains and be the first one to grab the flower. Game play is kept very simple for this math game for kids. They need to know addition and subtraction of 1 and 2 digit numbers.

 How it works 
Players select the aliens and roll the 10-faced dice.Subtract the number obtained from 50 and continue to do so till the aliens land in a safe zone.Add and subtract as per the rules and the player to first reach the Cyta flower wins.Players have to use subtraction and addition skills extensively to win. Combined with special 10 faced dice, these cleverly designed game rules work to increase the amount of practice and fun at the same time!

Contents of the box 
• 8 aliens(2 aliens per planet) 
• Special 10 faced dice with numbers from 0 to 9 
• 1 Gameboard 
• 1 Rule book

About Product Box
Dimension L*W*H= 34*5*23 CMS
Weight 550 GRAMS
Additional Information
Age 6 and Up
Number of Players 2-4 Players
Learning Value This is an addition and subtraction game for grade 1 grade 2, grade 3 and up. Math facts game is perfect for kids 6 years and up. Boys and girls. Math Skills: Subtraction of 1 & 2-digit numbers, Addition of 1 & 2-digit numbers, Subtraction with 0, Addition with 0. Life Skills: Problem solving skills, Hand - eye coordination, Patience, Logical development, Forward thinking, Strategic Planning , Patience & Perseverance , Flexibility .
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