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  • Can you find all the fun treasures that the McSquirrels are hiding in the soft, stuffed cabbage? Those little squirrels also love to play hide-and-seek. Look out for them too!!
  • Age: 3 years and up
  • 1-4 Players more


Play hide-and-seek; close your eyes while another player hides a squirrel. Open your eyes to be the 1st to spot the missing squirrel. Or match pairs of textured cards using only your sense of touch.


Game 1: Colourful Hide and Seek

  • Get to know all the members in the McSquirrel family.
  • Close your eyes while an adult hides one or more McSquirrels in the cabbage leaves.
  • Open your eyes, look closely, and spot which McSquirrel is missing.

Game 2: Touchy Feely

Put your hand inside the cabbage.

Touch the textured tokens and discover the different hidden materials.

Find the different tokens and match up pairs.


  • 5 Squirrel finger puppets
  • 16 Texture tokens
  • 16 Acorn counters
  • 1 Cabbage plush pouch
About Product Box
Dimension L*W*H =26.5*5.5*22.8 Cms
Weight 350 Grams
Additional Information
Age 3+ Years
Number of Players 1-4 Players
Designed In India
Learning Value Tactile & Visual Memory,Visual observation,Colour recognition,Imaginative Play and Creativity,Communication skills
EAN 8906045560382

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