chalk and chuckles- Beware of Shark-Rapid Reflex Game
See how fast you are.  Roll the die to know which numbered fish the Shark must try to catch. Al..
Chalk and Chuckles- Supe Math spy- Speedy Game of Math
 The Spies wear their decoder glasses in a rush to solve their mission cards first. Pick up the..
Chalk and Chuckles-Gramme wise-colourful Language
A player rolls the colour die. On your turn match one of your tokens to the same coloured face of th..
Jack In the Box-Colour Match Me-for age 2-4 years
Game 1: Each player takes a box. The youngest player rolls the coloured dice. S/he matches t..
Moody Snakes- A Maze and A Puzzle- for age 3-6 years
Assemble the puzzle and roll the die. Spot the happy, sad or angry snake & the colour of the pot..
Season Wise-from Sun to Snow
Do you know in which season flowers bloom? When do birds lay eggs? And when do you play with snow? H..
Seek Four- Nutty Game Of Expression-for age 6 and up
Wear your scarves & seek 4 cards of the same colour with the roll of the die. Seek with creativi..
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