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  • Draw your mind and memory with Cartoon It,
  • A fun memory game for ages 6 and up
  • 2 or More Player more


Cartoon It - Thinkfun - Artistic Memory Game will hone your child's drawing skills, strengthen their memory and recollection, and leave them in fits of laughter and fun! In an unconventional blend of a creative design toy and a memory game for kids, Thinkfun brings you Cartoon It for kids with a flair for drawing. The objective? Draw a cartoon character out of your memory as faithfully as you can and you could be the winner! Good for boys and girls of age 6 and up, Cartoon It is an excellent game for groups of two or more players and can make a fun addition to family time or kids play time.

Thinkfun Cartoon It comes with a Features Board which forms the basis for the characters to be drawn, a 30-second game timer, 50 character cards, a cartoon drawing pad with drawing sheets, and 6 pencils. Additional drawing sheets can be downloaded and printed from the Thinkfun website. To play Cartoon It, players must memorise and draw the cartoon characters seen on the character cards, based on the specific features on the features board. First, familiarise all the players with the features board and place it in the centre of the group. Next, shuffle the character cards and place them face down next to the features board. Each player gets 5 drawing sheets and a pencil for their artwork, and is dealt one character card. The dealer then sets up the timer and starts it, giving each player exactly 30 seconds to memorise their character. After 30 seconds, players start drawing their characters with help from the features board! The first player to finish calls out “Cartooned It!” and flips the timer again, giving the others 30 seconds to finish! Drawings are then scored referring to the features card, and the player with the highest score after 5 rounds wins!

A winner of the Creative Child Magazine Game of the Year Award in 2011, Thinkfun Cartoon It will help you and your child awaken your inner artists while having a ball! Pick up a set today and let the fun begin!

Additional Information
Age 6 and Up
Number of Players Multi player
Learning Value Analytical Thinking,Memory,Problem Solving,Reasoning Skills,Creativity
Play Type Group Game,Creativity, Drawing
Awards Creative Child Magazine Game of the Year Award, Dr Toy Best 100 Products Award, The Toy Insider " Top Holiday Toy".
EAN 19275082017

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