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A comprehensive game on counting from 1 to 10. Different game play methods to make the child Perceive and grasp the value of numbers. more


Game Play: Select any one of the board and hand it to child. Let the child view the board to count the number of spots on the cow’s body, by moving his finger from left to right. he/she then picks up the numerical number card and places it on one of the vacant square spaces. Similarly  repeat the same procedure with the numberede finger and object cards. Lastly , form the string of colourful buttons as per count. Complete the rest of the cards accordingly.

As you open the Box, You will Find….

  • 5 Reversible board of cows
  • 10 Numericl Number cards
  • 10 Finger cards
  • 10 object strips
  • 10 colourful Buttons
About Product Box
Dimension L* W* H = 21* 4.5* 21
Weight 400 Grams
Additional Information
Age 2.5 to 4 years
Number of Players Single Player
Designed In India
Learning Value Learning about numbers is a huge milestone for your child. While counting on fingers and picking up sticks to count may only go so far, there are so many more fun ways of teaching them numbers. Skills: Number concept, Visual Perception.
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