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Stop the stampede and get the animals to safety before the river washes them away in this reasoning skills toy 

Age: 6 and Up

Single Player Game

60 Challenges more


AnimaLogic - Fat Brain - Animal Stampede Puzzle Game puts the fate of the animals in your child's hands as they use logic and reasoning to save them from the flooding river! This colourful and friendly analytical thinking toy is great for boys and girls of ages 6 and above, and is designed for a single player, though kids could also team up to tackle its challenges! Requiring careful thought to solve the challenges, this strategy toy serves as a great foundation for establishing reasoning and critical thinking skills through a fun, stimulating, and friendly game playing environment!

Fat Brain's AnimaLogic comes with a 16 square game grid, 16 animal pieces (hippos, giraffes, camels, and lions) in 4 colours each (red, yellow, blue, green), and a booklet containing 60 puzzles. The challenges cover 5 levels of difficulty, allowing kids to learn the ropes on the easy levels before advancing all the way to the advanced level. To play, pick a challenge and arrange the animal pieces on the game board accordingly. The objective is to get all the animals off the bridge at the end of the game board one at a time, keeping in mind that only like-coloured animals or those of the same species may follow one another. These rules keep things tricky and fun, ensuring your child will never get bored! Constructed out of high quality and durable wood and plastic, Fat Brain AnimaLogic is certain to impress!

A winner of the Parents' Choice Gold Award, AnimaLogic is here to stay as a kids favourite for years to come! Go ahead and grab a box today!

Additional Information
Age 6 and up
Number of Players Single Player
Designed In USA
Learning Value Analytical Thinking,Cognitive Development,Problem Solving,Reasoning Skills,Higher Order Thinking Skills
Play Type Puzzles, Strategy game
EAN 182129000359

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