About Full of Toys

Full of Toys is a Bangalore based company that sells toys that help children play while they learn and parents learn how to play. We want to create a world where the magic of childhood can be re-created by parents playing with their children using toys that spark their imagination and help them learn skills as they enjoy the most precious gift their parents can give them — time.


Curious Minds

Our games and toys are designed by experts to spark curiosity in your child's mind and unlock hidden potential. Each toy is made to keep your little one happy and occupied while developing a life skill beyond school curriculum.


Playtime Heroes

We are sure you know that playtime is vital for children, but did you know it is an great way to bond with your children? Our games are sure to awaken your inner child even as your play with your little one!



Ever felt that your kids' toy shelf is a mess? We understand! That's why experts curate our selection after going through literally thousands of toys. Each product is kid-tested and expert-approved, so that your toy shelf looks de-cluttered and is meant for more meaningful play


International Partnerships

With exclusive partnerships with some of the leading toy manufacturers from around the world, Full of Toys is home to some of the most carefully crafted and imaginative toys you can find in the country. Browse through our carefully curated toys and from around the world and we promise you will find something that will enrich the playtime you can have with your little one(s).