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Building blocks for pre-schoolers (3 – 5 years) that are a great construction toy and building toy. more

WEDGiTS Building Blocks Imagination Set is a superb toy to improve fine motor skills in your toddler. WEDGiTS are soft building blocks in various shapes that can be stacked together to build all kinds of structures and designs. Great as a construction toy, WEDGiTS is good for both boys and girls of ages 3 and above.

Playing with WEDGiTS is limited only by imagination! Stack, build, nest and link the soft blocks together to create designs that are creative and imaginative. Toddlers playing with WEDGiTS learn the relationships between various 3D shapes, how vertical and horizontal directions come together to form designs, and can create their own models. Kids can use this building toy on their own, or team up with friends to cooperate and create! The multi-coloured and multi-shaped blocks make WEDGiTS a great motor skill toy, catering to both fine and gross motor skill development.


WEDGiTS has won several prestigious awards every year since it was rolled out in 1998. These include the Practical Preschool/Primary Teacher Update Gold Award (2012), National Parenting Publications Honors Award (2009), Practical Pre-School Gold Award (2007), and the Learning Magazine - Teachers' Choice Award(2002). These awards reflect the appreciation WIDGiTS has received for its exceptional design, quality, and educational value.

WEDGiTS is an unmatched educational toy for preschoolers. Get a WIDGiTS set and invest in one of the best learning toys there are.


About Product Box
Designed In USA
EAN 632323001145
Additional Information
Number of Players 1+
Play Type Buiding and Construction
Learning Value Motor skills,Hand and Eye Co-ordination

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