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Beat the clock in this kids puzzle game and problem solving toy for ages 5+. more


Fat Brain Smarty Blocks Building Block Puzzle Game has toddlers competing to build their blocks before the timer runs out! This puzzle game for kids is meant for 2 to 4 players and is good for boys and girls of ages 5 and up. One of the best educational games for toddlers, Fat Brain Smarty Blocks is a quick thinking game that promotes problem solving skills while having fun with patterned building blocks.

To play, pick one of the 160 challenge cards and assemble the 10 wooden blocks according to the challenge. Two levels of difficulty are available on the challenge cards: orange (which don't require reading skills. Simply arrange the blocks according to pattern) and blue (read the challenge clue and stack the blocks to solve it). Turn over the included timer, and you have a minute to complete the challenge. Ideal for kids to play against each other in friendly competition! Challenges range from simple graphics to more complex spelling challenges allowing for a whole range of learning opportunities.

A recipient of the Silver honour at the 2014 Parents Choice Awards, Smarty Blocks is an excellent quick thinking toy that will give your child hours of fun and satisfaction.

About Product Box
Designed In USA
EAN 811802020666
Additional Information
Number of Players 2 to 4 players
Play Type Puzzles
Learning Value Analytical Thinking, Problem Solving,Quick Thinking

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