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Add kids math games to the Osmo Starter Kit! Great for 5 years olds and above. more


Tangible Play Osmo Numbers Set (Add-On) Math Puzzle Game brings the world of number puzzles to the hugely successful Osmo Stater Kit. A simple math game for kids, the Osmo Numbers set is an excellent analytical thinking toy that is sure to get your child immersed in math through the unique Osmo digital playing experience.

Comprising a total of 40 tiles with numbers 0 - 9 (2 sets) and dots (2 sets of 5 x 1 dot; 3 x 2 dot, and 2 x 5 dot) and an easily downloaded app from the iTunes store, Numbers introduces and strengthens the concepts of addition, subtraction and multiplication. Based on a prompt that appears on the iPad screen, kids arrange the tiles to produce the solution that is read and registered by the Osmo sensor from the Starter Kit.

Among the best creative play toys available for young children, the Osmo Numbers Set is the perfect math game for kids with a flair for technology.

This is an add on kit that works with OSMO Base kit. Cannot work independently

Additional Information
Number of Players 1+
Designed In USA
Learning Value Analytical Thinking, Cognitive Development, Problem Solving, Reasoning Skill
EAN 858528005058

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