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Kids learn coding with this cognitive development toy for ages 5 and up. more


Tangible Play Osmo Coding Game (Add-On) Kids Programming Toy sees your kids help Awbie, the Osmo Coding character, collect strawberries using simple coding commands! An excellent Analytical Thinking toy to introduce coding to young children in a colourful, friendly animated environment, Osmo Coding could very well become the benchmark for teaching coding and logic to kids in future. This creative children's toy is good for boys and girls of ages 5 and above.

An add on pack to the Osmo Starter Kit, Osmo Coding comes with a series of fresh tiles, each initiating a specific command of its own. The tiles in this package include 8 Quantifier (number) tiles; 4 Walk tiles; 2 Hand tiles; 1 Jump tile; 1 Repeat tile; 1 Magic tile; 1 Caution tile; and 1 Play button. To play, the child uses the tiles in various sequences and combinations to move Awbie, the lead charcater through various levels as he collects strawberries and searches for the white rabbit that takes him to the next level. With 16 levels in all, with ever increasing challenges, Osmo Coding Game ensures that your child will develop sound skills in logical thinking and the basics of coding. Beautiful animations and an engaging storyline and game playing experience make this seem less like a coding exercise and more of a full fledged computer game! With multi-player functionality built in, your child can play with their friends all at the same time.

If you want to introduce your child to the logical thinking process and the development of simple computer programs, the Osmo Coding Game forms an excellent cognitive development toy that encourages creativity, imagination, and logical thinking in a fun, game-based framework.

This is an add on kit that works with OSMO Base kit. Cannot work independently

Additional Information
Number of Players 1+
Designed In USA
Learning Value Analytical Thinking, Cognitive Development
Play Type Creativity, Puzzles
EAN 858528005119

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