If you see science as more than just a subject, get your child to be part of the science workshop at..
An introductory session to a series of 12 workshop sessions (3 months) in Theatre, Story Telling and..
Clouds, bubbles, rockets, there’s so much you can do with Dry Ice than just look admire it for its..
If your child loves Lego, let the festivities begin. Full of Toys and Toylet bring a series of 4 wor..
Ready steady Lego! Presenting fun and educative workshops for children. If your child loves Le..
TIME TO GO LEGO! Hop in to a workshop with Bee on Flower and Goalkeeper.    If you’ve..
COME, LET’S LEGO! At the special workshop with Hungry Alligator and Mars Rover! Full of Toys i..
Science Unboxed, science made fun.   The science workshop at Full of Toys is back with a big ..
3D Doodle Workshop Full of Toys presents a workshop on 3D Doodling. A fun new way to doodle using..
Magic Learning Workshop   Full of Toys presents a classroom full of tricks and secrets wi..
  Crazy Science Workshop for Kids Science is knowledge and facts, but it gets fun as craz..
Basic Aeromodelling workshop for kids 8 and above in Bangalore, Full of Toys Jayangar store on 2 Jul..
“Magician Soorya is back!” After enthralling kids with a whole lot of tricks from his hat, Magici..
After getting children familiar with the basics, Full of Toys is back with Aeromodelling – Level 2 t..
Fun Science Workshop for Children If you’ve always noticed curiosity and interest for Science in ..
“An Afternoon of Music” Full of Toys brings presents a Keyboard music concert by Ison Nesamony, f..
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