COME, LET’S LEGO! At the special workshop with Hungry Alligator and Mars Rover! Full of Toys i..
Science Unboxed, science made fun.   The science workshop at Full of Toys is back with a big ..
3D Doodle Workshop Full of Toys presents a workshop on 3D Doodling. A fun new way to doodle using..
Magic Learning Workshop   Full of Toys presents a classroom full of tricks and secrets wi..
  Crazy Science Workshop for Kids Science is knowledge and facts, but it gets fun as craz..
Basic Aeromodelling workshop for kids 8 and above in Bangalore, Full of Toys Jayangar store on 2 Jul..
“Magician Soorya is back!” After enthralling kids with a whole lot of tricks from his hat, Magici..
After getting children familiar with the basics, Full of Toys is back with Aeromodelling – Level 2 t..
Fun Science Workshop for Children If you’ve always noticed curiosity and interest for Science in ..
“An Afternoon of Music” Full of Toys brings presents a Keyboard music concert by Ison Nesamony, f..
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