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Players rush to form a complete sandwich by combining their senses of vision & touch. They feel ..
Roll the dice to see how many steps you have. Place the mat ahead of you, far enough to be able to j..
 The Spies wear their decoder glasses in a rush to solve their mission cards first. Pick up the..
Take turns to place different tiles together based on the relationship between the pictures on them...
A player rolls the colour die. On your turn match one of your tokens to the same coloured face of th..
Citiblocs 200 Pcs Natural Color Building Set Construction Toy is a perfect toy for creative minds! A..
A guessing game that stimulates natural curiosity by asking questions and listening for clues. Th..
  Grab this activity book on India, full of pictures, puzzles and games to teach children ab..
A card matching game for all age groups and families! Learn the flags of major countires by being..
A fun-filled D-I- Y greeting card kit to help your little one learn the traditional art of Indian Bl..
Country Trump Card. Packaged in a cute tin storage box. The classic trump card game adapted to diffe..
Bingo game tournament about states, UT’s and neighbours of India. Learn about India in a fun multipl..
New! Learn about India and its diversity through this colourful, non-tear map (size 1.5 x 2.1 feet)..
Make your own lamp Play with the magic of lights and make your own night lamp! Did you notice the fi..
Math Buzz helps children practice subtraction, addition, multiplication, division, greater than / sm..
Children get into the habit of writing and have fun by recording all their travel stories in this Tr..
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